Social innovation


We design and carry out participation and community engagement processes, contributing to reaching a higher collective consensus in different fields (planning, urban design, environment, economy, among others) and in different scales (territory, municipality, neighbourhood, public space and building scale). We also develop projects related to inclusive urbanism, with children young people, elders, among others, as well as gender equity urbanism and entrepreneurship dynamization.

We provide sustainable urban design solutions in innovation and research projects and in different types of plans: urbanistic, strategic, urban renewal, landscape or adaptation plans, with a special interest in the challenges due to climate change. As an architecture office, we develop building projects, always with the objective of understanding and meeting each client’s particular needs, integrating a higher respect towards the environment. Renovation and new construction projects, technical reports, etc.

We carry out education and collaborative design with children and young people, integrating their point of view in projects and plans while at the same time helping them develop a higher interest and critical vision of their urban or rural environment. All this activity falls under the umbrella of the project umeekin, designing better cities with children.

Sustainable urban design & architecture
Childhood & youth
Gender perspective
Age-friendly environments

We carry out projects within the framework of WHO’s “Age-friendly Environments Programme”, encouraging elder as well as community participation in order to improve neighborhoods and environments to contribute to active and healthy ageing.

We develop projects to integrate gender perspective in urban design and planning, with the objective to enable these so they can fulfill both women’s and men’s needs and promote equality, eliminating existing inequalities.

We contribute to the sustainable evolution and transformation of urban environments through a collaborative and inclusive design.

Designing for, designing with.